Pajama Jorts! - Ooh La La Leggings

This past week Papercut Patterns released their new collection - well, "new" as in, half of them are slight modifications to previous patterns.  For example, the Ooh La La Leggings in knee- and mid-calf lengths.  Well, I am a psychic, because three weeks ago I was cutting out a magic pencil skirt and realized I had enough fabric left over for some leggings, and I made knee-length Ooh La La Leggings.....not knowing that this would be one of their 'new' patterns.  

All I did was measure where I wanted the pants to hit, add a hem allowance, and cut there.  They are leggings so they should be pretty fitted along the length of the leg, so you really shouldn't need any other alterations other than just adjusting the length.

My fabric is an awesome denim-look knit from that I bought in denim blue and a blue-black.  It's super soft and easy to sew. They're like those pajama jeans they sell on infomercials.  I made these on my serger, and they were super quick and feel very comfy.  The only other modification was to use 2" elastic instead of 1" because I prefer the look and feel of a slightly wider waistband.

The 2" elastic in the waistband. I didn't make a casing, I serged the elastic to the top, then folded it down and stitched it. I prefer it to the casing method

I think these look sporty, and I want to make some spandex running tights with this pattern!

Indoors, you can see the seaming a little better.

Rear view!!
One thing to change for next time: I think the back seam is too low for fat-bottomed girls. Its not super flattering. Its fine because these are mainly for wearing around the house. But I think if the back yoke seamline was raised 2" it would look more balanced on a big butt.


See, its a little too low....or my butt is a little too big. Either way.
Anyway, I really love my leggings.  It was a really easy modification. If you can sew the leggings in the first place, you can adjust the length, I promise!  And have your own comfy pajama jorts!


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