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a Colette Myrtle dress

I've been very underwhelmed by new pattern releases lately, and not into the mad rush to buy, sew, and blog things that don't inspire me. So I had no plans to buy this pattern when I heard it was coming out. Then I saw it, decided it had potential, and ordered it. And I happened to have just received and washed some rayon challis, so I decided I was in the mood to sew it on Saturday.

I bought this because I love a knit dress, then ended up sewing it in a woven! Whatever.  My fabric is a rayon challis from (I bought it to spend enough for free shipping without any specific plans for it. But I liked the color scheme).

It is 56" wide and I bought 2 yards; the pattern calls for 2 5/8 yards but I easily made it with 2.
I cut a size S and made version 2, the shorter one.

It is very easy to sew; I cut and sewed it in a few hours, in time to wear it out to dinner! I imagine the knit version is even faster, since you don't have to finish the seams and the back bodic…

Big Bang blouse and a Sewaholic Pendrell

I know everyone and their mother has bought this panel chiffon from Mood
but I was a sheep and bought it too.  I wanted to make a simple blouse without a lot of seams to show off the print.  I had a Burda pattern that might work design wise, but I'd been having blouse issues lately. Basically, nothing fits over my huge head.  Another example - this sleeveless version of the Sewaholic Pendrell. I'd made the sleeved versions before, in knit. This time I used a poly crepe-de-chine from I cut a size 2, sewed it up, and then tried it on. I had to call Tim to bring a stick of butter to get it on over my head!!! (Same thing with Burda and that one HAD A SLIT AND A BUTTON ON THE BACK).

Also, there is a lot of ease in the Pendrell waist, which I don't love. I feel like its out of proportion with the bust.

So I decided to draft my own little pattern.  Something my head would easily fit thru. I made a test version with some inexpensive chiffon from an…