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Completed: Goldstream Peacoat by Thread Theory Designs

The first project from my #MakeNine2018 plans is the Goldstream Peacoat by Thread Theory designs.  We were packing up to move from California to Oregon and it struck me: "Tim, do you have a winter coat?" Because I hadn't seen him wear one for six years, and he might be needing it! Since I love making coats I volunteered to make him a nice peacoat. 
He wanted a very dark charcoal, so I found a nice midweight wool (#316376) from Mood and Tim picked out a red plaid cotton blend lining (#316000) - if I was making a coat, he wanted a warm coat.  Black leather buttons, also from Mood and interfacing from Sew True Supply (aka the good shit).

I cut a size M based on his measurements and made a quick muslin.  The only alteration from the straight M was to move the shoulder point in 3/4" - he did not want shoulder pads, otherwise it probably wouldn't have needed any adjustment at all. I made the classic version, Tim wanted the epaulets, pockets, all of it.

This was my fi…