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Patten Review Contest - JEANS!

Since I had a big pile of denim in my 'to-do' pile, I decided to make a pair of jeans for the Jeans Contest.  Otherwise I'd just keep sewing for myself and Tim would have no pants to wear....

My pattern is KwikSew 3504, which I have made several times before (as shorts, pants, and jeans), although each time has been a little different.

My fabric was a fantastic sturdy denim from Mood Fabrics, 62" wide, a bit stiff but it softened up after washing.

I've made and reviewed this pattern before, and I actually enjoy sewing it. The instructions are great and I've never had any problems with it.  My modifications to a size M:

 - I lengthen the crotch depth by 1/2" on the front and back pieces.

- I shorten the back yoke 1" and raise the back (where it meets the yoke) 1" to compensate.  After I made a pair of these as twill shorts, I noticed they perched off of Tim's butt in a weird way. I compared it to his favorite pair of RTW je…

Simplicity 1589 - A Pattern Review Deer to My Heart (aka the Jagermeister top)

I was really depressed about winter ending in early February this year (I hate California!) so I decided to make some spring/summer things to cheer me up. I recently bought Simplicity 1589 on a whim - I liked the back cutout but don't often wear loose fitting blouses. 
I cut a size 10 based on the ease and the final garment measurements and cut view A, with the open back. Before I cut the fabric I shortened the bodice 1".  Speaking of my fabric, it was a crazy Echino decoro cotton sateen I bought a while back from Fabricworm:
I am a sucker for deer fabric for some reason...especially if they're wearing eyeglasses. When I got this, Tim pointed out that it looked like the Jagermeister logo:
So this is my Jager blouse.
This was easy to sew - its pretty basic and its a 'learn to sew' pattern so the instructions are very clear and explicit, if I was a new sewer I would have appreciated them!  I sewed this up in about an hour or so, it's pretty fast!

Pattern Review ActiveWear Contest

Since I like to sew activewear for myself, I decided to enter the PatternReview Activewear Contest! Yay.

I made two versions of the Style Arc Monica -
One longer with the knee accents, using an amazing plaid nylon spandex from
On this version, I extended the waist at the yoke and front, then serged on the elastic, turned it down and stitched. I prefer it for running, feels more secure.

And one knee-length with another amazing nylon-spandex from Spandex House (I call them my Matrix pants and I love them!)

I also made an activewear version of the Papercut Patterns Ooh La Leggings, with some more nylon-spandex from Spandex House ("magma"!)
I prefer the Ooh La Leggings for yoga - I don't like the high-waist style for running, but its ok for yoga and I wore these to play tennis in. The StyleArc Monica is my preferred activewear pants pattern, for now.

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