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StyleArc Goldie Woven Skirt in Black Corduroy

I recently sewed up the Goldie Woven Skirt by Style Arc. I've been obsessed with pants and jeans-making this fall, and haven't really done too many skirts, so this was fun and quick.

There are two length options, and honestly I wanted one right in between the mini and knee (though on me it was below-the-knee). I ended up cutting the mini and was panicking about how short the pattern pieces looked! But it's ok. I decided to do the zip front because I happened to have an open-ended metallic zip in my stash just the right length I needed. For the fabric I used this stretch blended black corduroy from Mood fabrics (stretch wovens are not required though).  This corduroy is gorgeous and almost looks like a velvet.

This was a pretty quick make. There are separate pattern pieces for a zip or button front, so decide before you cut into your fabric.  The lack of side seams means there isn't a lot of opportunity to adjust the fit, so measure yourself honestly and carefully.  I b…