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A Lasercut Gabriola skirt

I don't know how I feel about maxi skirts.  I haven't worn one since I was 22 probably. I was intrigued by Sewaholic's new Gabriola pattern, so I decided to roll the dice.
I decided to make in in this chartreuse, laser-cut microfiber fabric I found at

Maxiskirts are fabric hogs, and this was no exception, plus the lasercut fabric is peekaboo, so I had to line it. I used some white cotton voile. 3 yards of each! So I basically made it twice, and it was fairly time- and fabric-consuming (and cash consuming!)

I cut a size 6, which is what I always wear in Sewaholic skirts and dresses.  I cut, and cut, and cut out pieces forever!  I sewed the green shell with my machine and just sewed the lining with the serger.  It was easy to sew, no real issues other than there are a lot of pieces. I attached the waistband, inserted the zipper, hung it up for 2 days to let the bias cut settle out before I hemmed it.
When I put it on....the waistband stuck out.

It wasn…

Colette Ginger skirt - Mrow

I know I said I didn't need any more Colette Ginger skirts....but then I had to move my fall/winter ones to the back of the closet. So I needed a spring/summer one! I decided to use the Ginger pattern for this linen fabric I bought from Gorgeous Fabrics;
It's a medium weight linen, kind of heavy for pants or tops, with a pretty repeating animal print.  I never buy neutrals, other than black an animal print!

I made a size 6 as usual, plain waistband, no boning this time, and I was feeling brave so I made almost the entire thing on my serger! The linen frays and I'd have to finish the edges anyway. Other than installing the zipper and ditch-stitching the waistband down, it's all serged.

Nothing revolutionary this time, although I did stabilize the zipper with organza. Lesson learned from before.

My favorite thing about this version is that the linen has some stiff body to it, and it really results in a very accentuated A-line shape, more so than some of my other version…

A Satin-y Zinnia skirt

Having started this back in March, I finally had time to finish up my first attempt at the Zinnia skirt by Colette Patterns.