A Lasercut Gabriola skirt

I don't know how I feel about maxi skirts.  I haven't worn one since I was 22 probably. I was intrigued by Sewaholic's new Gabriola pattern, so I decided to roll the dice.
I was intrigued by the yoke design.
I decided to make in in this chartreuse, laser-cut microfiber fabric I found at Gorgeousfabrics.com

This is my high-fashion inspiration.
Maxiskirts are fabric hogs, and this was no exception, plus the lasercut fabric is peekaboo, so I had to line it. I used some white cotton voile. 3 yards of each! So I basically made it twice, and it was fairly time- and fabric-consuming (and cash consuming!)

I cut a size 6, which is what I always wear in Sewaholic skirts and dresses.  I cut, and cut, and cut out pieces forever!  I sewed the green shell with my machine and just sewed the lining with the serger.  It was easy to sew, no real issues other than there are a lot of pieces. I attached the waistband, inserted the zipper, hung it up for 2 days to let the bias cut settle out before I hemmed it.
When I put it on....the waistband stuck out.

Front view
It wasn't flat to my body. I have no idea, I assume its the fabric? Because I haven't seen other reviews where people had this problem. 
No. and no.
I underlined the lasercut fabric with interfaced voile, same procedure I always do.  I don't think it's that it's too big, because I don't think I've lost weight and the hips fit. Strange - and crappy. I can't wear it like that. What to do, because I've put too much time/fabric/money into this for it to not be wearable.
Tucking in didn't help, hiking it up higher on my body didn't help, sitting it lower on my waist didn't help, and if it could be helped by tightening the waistband piece, it would have need more at the top than the bottom. Does that make sense? The cat has to turn away, he can't look at this tragedy.
Solution -turn the waistband down. My initial idea was to turn in down, stitch it down then cut off the remains, but leaving it in gives some structure to the waistline. So now I have a waistband-less (topless?) Gabriola skirt.
The end result - meh. 

Waistband - it still kind of hangs away from my body.


I am totally unexcited by it.  I'm not even happy to be photographing it - I think my expression says it all.

I'm just kind of meh about it, which sucks, because a lot of time and fabric went into it.  It looks fine, but I don't love it. I'd make it again in a shorter length (because I don't like the maxi) but the waistband issue concerns me. Meh.

UPDATE: I'm wearing it to work today. I am feeling better about it today - other than having to gather my skirts like Laura Ingalls Wilder when I get on/off the train or approach stairs. The green lasercut is really cool looking, the waist still bothers me, but I'm feeling slightly happier with it this morning.
Too bad the natural light washes out the color a bit.
Some weird hip puckers that I think are the result of it not hanging from my waist. I don't know, maybe I should have made a size down. I don't know anything anymore!!


  1. Hi, IT IS NOT YOU IT IS THE PATTERN! (not shouting, just emphasis :)). I've been reading a lot of reviews for this pattern and almost everyone complaints abt the waistband sticking out, because it is straight. One sewist said it works for her because he wears it exactly on her waist, but I think she is the exception. I just finished my muslin last night and sure enough, the waistband sticks out nomatter how high/low I put it on. And I don't have a very defined waist at all, I am pretty column-shaped, no curves. So I thought surely a straight waistband would fit my straight waist but apparently I do have a bit of a curve. I'm now cutting out a new curved muslin waistband from another pattern and am going to rip out the straight and try this. Since I am a beginner I want to get this perfect before I cut in my "real" fabric. I'll report on my success if you are interested.

    Also FWIW, once you turn the waistband down I can't tell there is an issue with it and I think it looks fine, esp. if you are wearing a long tank covering the band anyway. And thanks for your honesty. I think it's so annoying that no one ever dares to say anything even remotely negative about any of the famous indie patterns. People are too nice for their own good. I think we need to share more freely what the issues are so we can fix them and be happier with the end result, which IN THE END would be better for the designer too.


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