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Vintage McCalls 2665 - a little black dress

This is one of my Etsy finds from Miss Betty's Attic - a vintage McCalls dress pattern from the 1970.

I love vintage patterns because many of the dresses have long double-ended darts on the back, which means the end result fits my swayback with no adjustments.  I planed to make the short, collarless version.  It came in a size 36, which is pretty close to my measurements, but I made a muslin first. I measured the flat pattern, thought it would be too large, so took in the muslin about 1/2" on the seams.  The muslin fit until it hit my ribs - then wouldn't close! So I cut the fabric using the original pattern, and decided I'd just take it in as I went.

My fabric was a black stretch cotton pique from Gorgeous fabrics.
This is pretty simple to sew, there's not too much going on here.  I sewed it up except for the sleeves, tried it on, then took in about 1" on each side, then added the sleeves. I also shortened it quite a bit because it looked kind of sad when it…

"Deer's looking at you, kid" skirt - another Sewaholic Hollyburn

So this is my 3rd Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt, and counting!