Wardrobe Planning

This post from Colette on wardrobe planning comes at a great time for me.
From Colette

I'm posting all of my 'early projects' from when I first began sewing, and wondering why so many of them are dresses!  I mean, I like dresses, and I've worn everything I've made at least once, but my workplace is very casual (TOO casual for some. Sweatpants at work are not ok. Those of you that bike to work, please remove your spandex and put on real pants promptly.)  Probably the excitement of having a machine and finding cool fabrics and the freedom of making whatever dress I want, instead of going to a store to find that orange maxi-hippie dresses are all that's being sold this season. 

Lately I've been better at this, more separates, skirts and tops, which I can get more daily use out of.  But my plan this year is to spend more time making every day things, even just t-shirts and 'boring' patterns.  I really enjoy wearing what I've made, and I kind of hate getting dressed for work and realizing I've run out of tops I've made and have to reach for something store-bought.

So I'm going to follow along with the Wardrobe Architect project, and try and make pieces that ultimately go together as part of a wardrobe, things I NEED to wear, things that complement what I already have (with the occasional fun or special occasion piece!).  And its not just for me - no more shearling coats for Tim, he's getting some nice practical Negroni button-down shirts. 


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