Sewaholic Lonsdale(s)

I made a couple versions of the Sewaholic Lonsdale dress in summer 2013. 

I spent some time deciding if this was 'me' or not, then decided to go for it.  My first version was in an abstract blue stretch cotton from Mood Fabrics:
Does this look like tie-dye? I had nightmares after I bought it, but decided it would be fine.

I cut a size 6 based on my measurements and made a quick muslin of just the bodice, which fit great, so I went ahead and cut into it!  As usual, the instructions were excellent and I had no construction issues. The bodice is self-lined, so its a bit of a fabric hog, especially with the long straps.  I think the only adjustment was to shorten it a few inches (and i made the shorter version because I don't do ankle-length or I look like a Hobbit). I was really happy with the end result!
no one was home to help me into the loops! but you get the idea

I loved it and it fit perfectly!

i was clearly excited about the pockets.

Here I'm wearing it tied correctly in the back. Posing for an updated pic to send to my grandmother.

I wore it to a family gathering on a visit to Jersey and impressed everyone with my basic sewing skillz.  ("It looks like its from ModCloth" is a compliment coming from a stylish teenager, I think!)

I liked it so much I made another. I may have mentioned I love green - I found this stretch cotton (also from Mood) and because I'm and idiot, decided to make a Lonsdale with it.
$8 a yard and 55" wide - nice for a fabric-hog pattern. Does it look like a couch from the 1960s?

First of all, its a directional print. Secondly, it has a 2-3-2 repeat, instead of a simpler 2-2-2 repeat. I actually had to order another yard to finish the skirt! D'oh.  I decided to try and match the front and back center seams as best as possible, and not worry about the sides too much.  Here is the bodice, in progress:
I can live with the matching on the center front seam.

And here are some terrible pictures of it finished. I don't have any of me wearing it, but I did wear it over the summer.  This one is just a straight halter, no tabs.

Bra straps! I can't take me anywhere.
Oh, and I used a black stretch twill for the waistband and pockets, to break up the print, and I love the result, especially the peek of the pocket!
Always match your dress to your hair. You can't see too well, but the print matching turned out fine. Not perfect, but it's just supposed to be a fun summer dress.

This is a really cute, comfortable to wear dress. I feel nice and secure in the bodice, the drafting is excellent, and I appreciate the fact that in Tasia's patterns the pattern size actually matches the tape measure. I enjoy wearing it, it has a vintage feel but without being costume-y (unless you consider my crazy fabric costume-y, but that's on me) And I love the pockets! I make eventually make one in a solid. I loved the fit of the skirt, which I was going to make on its own, but then I discovered the Hollyburn pattern, and bought that instead!


  1. Your dresses are beautiful! Well done!


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