Colette Ginger skirt(s)

I recently purchased the Colette Ginger skirt pattern because I wanted something in between a pencil skirt and a fuller skirt (like the Hollyburn).  I was nervous about Colette because it seemed like some of their things weren't meant for my body type (but some things I love! like the Ceylon!). So I decided to try it.
Time for an A-line

I made a quick muslin in a size 6 and it fit perfectly, so on to the fabric.
Perfect weight for a blazer or skirt. And so soft!
I used the leftovers from Tim's blazer - the Marc Jacobs wool-lycra from Mood Fabrics (it was $14/yard, bought 3 yards, and made a blazer and a skirt! Not bad. We use every part of the cow here, nothing wasted!)  I made the straight waistband version.  I was really excited with the end result! I think my exact words were, "I think I'll make 6 or 8 more of these"!

I used lace hem tape to hem it, which is my new go-to hemming technique.

I think its flattering, easy to construct, and pretty quick.  I really love the way the instructions have you do the zipper/waistband - its so tidy, its the cleanest looking zipper/waistband I've ever done! So simple, yet effective.
off to work in my new skirt!
I decided to make a few more. I have one cut but not sewn in the pink tweed I used for this jacket (since it came in a 5 yard bundle). I wanted to try waistband 1, and bone it!  I bought my boning supplies from here and followed Gertie's tutorial here. My fabric was from my current fabric obsession, Japanese prints, which I found here and it looks a little something like this!

At the modes4u website they show you the fabric on a bolt, which is what clinched it for me.  The scale of the cats is small enough that from a distance it looks like just a geometric print, but up close, its cats!

I decided to use black for the waistband. And I did cut the skirt as per version 3, for a slight chevron effect. I also cut it upside down, so when I look down at it, the cats are right-side-up. The boning took some time but was not difficult.

I want to bone all of my waistbands now! I actually think its surprisingly comfortable, and flattering.
I had one problem, and its not the fault of the pattern. WTF is happening with my back zipper area?

Did I warp the zipper with the iron? Is it a wonky zipper?

I've never really had this problem with any zipper before.

I undid it and redid it 3 times, but my only options are to live with it, or rip the waistband and go in and put in a whole new zipper. I am leaning towards living with it. Because its so cute from the front and I don't want ruin it!  Its just the back, I can't even see it!!  Oh well. (When I look at the pics now, it doesn't seem as tragic as the day these were taken. I think I'll just live with it!)

Here is the skirt, I wore it out recently in Portland (home of Colette!):
Wearing it with a Jalie scarf top I made in a simple black cotton/rayon jersey. See, its not obviously cats. So I'm not a cat lady freak!

I plan on making the pink one and maybe a few more.  I'm so glad I tried this shape and this pattern! I am a high-waist skirt convert.  My mom spent about 20 years telling me to "tuck your shirt in" and I refused! Now I see how flattering it is for my body shape. I should have listened to her....


  1. I just bought this pattern too and have the fabric cut out and ready to sew at home. I'm making it in a navy blue twill that reminds me of the Dickies pants I used to wear to Catholic school in the winter. Hopefully it will be wearable!


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