Style Arc Gabby jacket(s)

So far I have made two versions of StyleArc's Gabby jacket (neither for myself!). 

The first was a Christmas gift for my Mom.  She looks good in green (like me!) so I bought some of this green plaid from Gorgeous fabrics (it was the Fabric of the Day, 40% off, so I bought a few extra yards and plan to make a skirt for myself with it!)  and a kiwi bemberg rayon lining from Mood fabrics:

The color match is actually closer than it looks in the photo

I made the size 8 with no sizing adjustments, omitted the shoulder pad and welt pockets (because of the plaid and because she wouldn't use them), and it turned out beautifully. She loved it (or claimed to - I don't have any pics of her wearing it yet).  I spent forever cutting it out to match the plaids, but it sewed up pretty quickly (especially compared to the Cordova).

I mentioned in the Cordova jacket post that my great-aunt liked my Grandma's jacket. I decided to make her one, since she's been dealing with illness and thought it might cheer her up. I decided to do the Gabby because it was both easier and the right size for her.  I bought some pink tweed from Gorgeous fabrics in a Super Saver 5-yard bundle - 5 yards for $40!  And a cream lining also from Gorgeous fabrics. It was quite pink, but she has white hair and olive skin and I thought she would look great in it. 

Here is the finished product:
Definitely wear it with a Detroit Lions tee. This may have been taken before I hemmed the sleeves...

The only change was to shorten the sleeves, as she's shorter than both me and my Mom (so below 5'4"). She liked it, and thinks I should go into business doing custom work (for church ladies). Anyway, a big fan of this pattern, can't wait to make one for myself!! Oh, and I have a Colette Ginger skirt (which would be #3 for me) cut out with some of my remaining pink yardage!


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