Sequins - for going out or staying in!

This post originally appeared on the Cali & Co. Blog for the Fabric Obsessed.

There are a few types of fabric that I am obsessed with since I’ve been sewing, but never would have bought off the rack. Faux fur is one, and sequins are the other! (You can take the girl out of New Jersey but….) Maybe some of you have a similar relationship with certain fabrics?
I had wanted to make a sequined jacket for the holidays, but those came and went and it didn’t happen, but it stayed on my to-sew list. So even though it isn’t entirely seasonal, my new blog project is a sequined blazer! Some of my inspiration:
Cali Fabrics has a great selection of sequin fabrics, including the amazing reversible sequins they've added to the site recently. For this project I chose to work with their matte silver ‘micro sequins’. I’ve sewn with micro sequins before and they are pretty easy to work with, even if you are new to sewing sequins. I chose the matte silver, but they also carry shiny si…

The Briscoe Trench Coat - Vintage Dior for Vogue

Over the past few years, I’ve developed a pretty solid me-made wardrobe.There aren’t too many holes or missing pieces that I need in my daily life.I had a few summer pieces I wanted to sew for the upcoming season but after that I was planning on spending time this year on some more involved, time-consuming, sewing-skill-challenging projects.The first one is a classic trench coat – or the Briscoe trench coat, inspired by ‘Law and Order’ Detective Lennie Briscoe, who rocked an awesome Burberry trench on the show (I often watch/listen to Law and Order reruns while I sew, mainly if I’m home alone).

I was cruising vintage patterns on Etsy and I found this 1974 vintage Vogue 1095 Christian Dior trench coat pattern, and I bought it for $31, which may be the most I’ve ever paid for a sewing pattern.I just loved the back, and thought it was a nice variation on a classic theme.It was a size 14, for a 36” bust, so pretty much perfectly sized. For the fabric, I wanted something classic. I actually …