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Jalie 3243 - Shorts for Someone who Hates Shorts

The amazing thing about sewing your own clothes is that you can make exactly what you want to wear and what you love to wear. So naturally this weekend I made something I hate to wear - shorts!
I do not like shorts, I don't remember the last time I didn't mind wearing shorts - maybe high school.  I have a longer torso and short legs, but I'm too thick to wear a shorter inseam, and anything else just makes me feel like Mom Jeans.  Like I'm climbing in the minivan and bringing orange slices to soccer practice.  
Part of my upcoming end-of-summer vacation involves desert hiking, and it will be too hot for jeans and sometimes you just can't wear a skirt without looking like a jackass.  She knows it:
Short pants it is.

I wanted something simple, I really didn't want to put a lot of time and effort into something I don't feel good in. I chose Jalie 3243 after reading some positive reviews and viewing the finished products.  It's a straight legged short or pan…