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Safran Jeans - pour mon grand derriere

This is the first pattern I've sewn from Deer and Doe (although I own the Brume skirt and it's on my to-do-soon list).  I swore I was going to commit to making pants and jeans this fall, really loved all of the tester versions, and was high on the success of my first pair of Closet Case Ginger jeans, so I was ready for the Safrans.
I started with Version A, the longer length with pockets.  I cut a size 42 at the hip and graded to a 38 at the waist. I usually don't grade pants patterns that have a yoke, I just take a dart out of the yoke, but these are sans yoke, hence the grading.

For fabric I actually bought some of the fabrics they recommended in one of their blog posts - very helpful! Especially when ordering online.  Descriptions of stretch % can be greatly exaggerated depending on the source. So I started with this charcoal stretch twill from Mood fabrics.  This fabric feels amazing. It is quite heavy but with a ton of stretch.  Great to sew and very comfortable on. …