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A warm and fuzzy Undercover Hoodie

My boyfriend was flush with new warm hoodies, courtesy of myself, and I decided I needed to make myself one.  I used the Papercut Patterns Undercover Hood pattern which I've made about 30 times.  I used the size XS that I usually cut for myself and added an extra inch at the sides so it would be a little roomier, since this would be outerwear, and I also cut the front down the center to add a zip.

Time to go fabric shopping!

The main fabric was a beautiful deep teal I found at Mood Fabrics' website

It's a cotton poly blend, 80" wide (so 1.5 yards was plenty) and is fleece-y on one side and more like a sweatshirt look on the other side.  While browsing for fleece I discovered this:

a Marc Jacobs fleece knit! I want to line all of my future jackets with this (so I bought 3 yards!)

I lined the front, back and hood with the shearling-look knit. I made most of it on my serger except for the zipper insertion and some topstitching.  It was super thick in parts, but the mach…