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The "Jackson Pollack" Lady Skater dress

This is my second Lady Skater dress in a row, I'm so boring! But I'd had this cool "Jackson Pollack-paint splatter" knit in my stash from Mood for almost a year, and decided the Lady Skater would be a good match for it.

I constructed it the same as the previous one, but this time I did a 1" hem. I like it shorter, and I'll wear it with tights if I wear it to work. The results!

There was no pattern matching required on this one, so it was much quicker cutting and sewing.
I was trimming the excess from the neckband while talking, and I snipped into my bodice! This is why I need a serger....

I fixed it by patching it with a piece of fabric using fusible interfacing.  Noticeable?

It passes the "3-foot test", which I just read about: if you can't see it from 3 feet, don't worry about it!

I read about the 3-foot test in my serger book, which I bought to go with my SERGER!

I'd been saving for a pricier model, but heard lots of good things abo…

A "Blue Moon" Lady Skater dress

I've taken my love-hate (formerly hate-hate) relationship with print-at-home pdf patterns to the Lady Skater dress by Kitschy Coo (available here).

It is described as:  "This funky yet functional knit dress has a fitted bodice, scooped banded neckline, a curved flared knee-length skirt, and options for trimmed cap sleeves, or banded ¾ length sleeves or long sleeves. It's designed to flatter the figure with a waistline that hits at the natural waist and a skirt that gently skims over the lower waist and hips."

I thought this might be a great compromise between my enjoyment of sewing and wearing dresses and my casual work dress code.  And I love knits! So here we go. I cut the size 3, based on their size chart, and decided to make the 3/4 length sleeve.  My fabric was a funky rayon-lycra knit from Mood Fabrics:

I bought it almost a year ago and hadn't decided what to use it for.
I carefully matched my patterns, even though this fabric is a bitch to try and l…

StyleArc Heidi hooded cardigan

This is the StyleArc Heidi hooded cardigan, and I made it as a birthday gift for my aunt.