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McCalls 7160 pattern review - Stripes!!

I love my comfy breeze knit dresses in summer, but wanted to branch out from making another Lady Skater, so I recently bought McCalls 7160.  It has long, short and sleeveless options and an option for a contrast panel on the skirt.

I decided to make the sleeveless version with the contrast panel....
....since I had just ordered 2 yards of this bright striped jersey from Mood.

This fabric is a little lightweight, so I lined it (with power mesh! Because the 4 yards or so of knit tricot lining I had in my stash has vanished).

I cut the size 10, based on my measurements.  I was JUST barely going to get this cut out from 2 yards of fabric, so I taped the two skirt pieces together, pinched out some of the skirt fullness (like a dart or wedge), redrew the line for the pattern pieces (since it was no longer straight) and cut them apart again. There is still plenty of fullness, as you'll see. But I eeked it out of 2 yards.  Alternatively, you could plan ahead and buy enough fabric!

It was …