The "Jackson Pollack" Lady Skater dress

This is my second Lady Skater dress in a row, I'm so boring! But I'd had this cool "Jackson Pollack-paint splatter" knit in my stash from Mood for almost a year, and decided the Lady Skater would be a good match for it.

I constructed it the same as the previous one, but this time I did a 1" hem. I like it shorter, and I'll wear it with tights if I wear it to work. The results!

There was no pattern matching required on this one, so it was much quicker cutting and sewing.
Posing with stinky sneakers and the cat gate...I was busy this weekend and these were rushed!
I have a wide black belt that I think would look good with this version.
I was trimming the excess from the neckband while talking, and I snipped into my bodice! This is why I need a serger....

I fixed it by patching it with a piece of fabric using fusible interfacing.  Noticeable?

It passes the "3-foot test", which I just read about: if you can't see it from 3 feet, don't worry about it!

I read about the 3-foot test in my serger book, which I bought to go with my SERGER!

I'd been saving for a pricier model, but heard lots of good things about this little gal (except from the woman at the sewing store who wanted to sell me the $600 model). I'm so excited.  Lulu (that's her name) will have to wait for me to get back from my East Coast trip, which includes visiting Lulu's namesakes and a trip to the NYC Garment District!!! I think I'll wear my Mood skater dress to visit Mood.  Looking forward to time off (from work, not sewing), with much sewing and serging to be done when I return.


  1. I have this serger and it works great. No need for a pricier model. I love your 3 foot rulr (never heard that before, but it makes perfect sense). Love your dress. Am currently making one myself


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