Jalie 3243 - Shorts for Someone who Hates Shorts

The amazing thing about sewing your own clothes is that you can make exactly what you want to wear and what you love to wear. So naturally this weekend I made something I hate to wear - shorts!
I do not like shorts, I don't remember the last time I didn't mind wearing shorts - maybe high school.  I have a longer torso and short legs, but I'm too thick to wear a shorter inseam, and anything else just makes me feel like Mom Jeans.  Like I'm climbing in the minivan and bringing orange slices to soccer practice.  
Part of my upcoming end-of-summer vacation involves desert hiking, and it will be too hot for jeans and sometimes you just can't wear a skirt without looking like a jackass.  She knows it:
Short pants it is.

I wanted something simple, I really didn't want to put a lot of time and effort into something I don't feel good in. I chose Jalie 3243 after reading some positive reviews and viewing the finished products.  It's a straight legged short or pants pattern with front pockets and an elastic waist. Good enough!

I cut the size W - for my hip measurement, although my waist is a size R and that is some serious grading.  I didn't grade it though, I just decided to let the elastic do the work.
For my fabric I used a lightweight gray chambray from Califabrics.  It's very soft, lightweight but still heavy enough for pants/shorts, and I really love it, it was so easy to work with.
The pattern was very simple - Jalie is a great pattern company, I don't think I've ever had a negative experience sewing one of their patterns.  I made a pair of shorts and the pants version in a couple hours, using the instructions for the hidden facings (there are two options).
 They're fine.  For shorts.  I can live with this if I have to.
They may cause a polter-wang issue in the crotch? 
"Where did I park the minivan?"
They really don't look too bad, technically, even though wearing them makes me sad.  But as shorts go, they'll work for hiking around the desert.
This is a well-drafted and simple pattern, and I'm as happy with the final result as I can be!


  1. The shorts came out good.......I know the feeling of hating shorts. Have always felt the same way and never liked my legs (even though they are in good shape). Finally found a pair (purchased ) I can "live" with. Was going to Myrtle Beach and average day temp this time of year is 90 degrees. Thinking of making a pattern from them for more shorts. They will never be my first choice (shorts that is) but they are better than sweating in long jeans.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I don't hate my legs, I wear skirts often....just something about shorts!! But I'm not willing to sweat in jeans either!


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