Papercut Patterns Coppelia Cardi

I'm not normally a big wearer of cardigans, but I thought this ballet-style wrap top looked cute and versatile, and I was quickly becoming a Papercut fan, so I decided to try it out.

I had read some other blogs about sizing issues, so I decided to make a wearable muslin and gift it to my 19-year-old cousin.  I used this amazing studded knit from Fabric Outlet SF:
My fabric haul, on the train home. Worth every step!

I had seen this posted on their website under "What's New", decided I had to have it, planned a trip to the city for the next weekend, and the next day dropped a dumbbell on my foot and broke a toe.  For some reason, we like to walk everywhere. Like, if its within 4 miles, its walkable. So we take the train in and then walk the ~2.5 miles to the fabric store. But I had a broken painful toe! I could take a bus, or I could put on my sexiest Tevas and walk there and back anyway.  I was so excited about my purchase I didn't even feel pain til we were on the train headed home. But I digress....

I decided to cut an XS and start there. I'm usually a S in tops, I am petite-busted but I have athletic shoulders and back. I cut the XS, sewed it up, and was pretty happy with the outcome! Papercut gives solid but not hand-holding directions, and I thought it was pretty simple to sew up. I goofed a little on the junction of the front neckband and the waistband, but its not really noticeable and I learned for next time.  Here are some pics:

I love how it looks tied in the back!
Comments: the XS was actually a little big! Also, I think it would work better in something with a little more stretch (this fabric has stretch, but I don't think enough). So I cut the XXS and sewed it up in a rayon jersey I bought from Mood fabrics:
Tim thinks the fabric looks like either the Deadmau5 symbol or geologic 'beach ball' diagrams.

I liked the fit of this one much better!

All wrapped up! Neckline nice and snug on this version.
I see stress tensors....
Its fitted enough that I don't have to wear something underneath (I've worn it both ways since). I also added about 2" to the bottom, in case I don't want to wear a cami under it, it's long enough to come to my waist.  I also shortened the neck band a couple of inches, so it would be nice and snug and no gaping. I plan on making some more of these, definitely in some solid colors as everyday wardrobe staples!


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