Jalie Scarf Top

I know everyone has made the Jalie scarf top, but its become one of my favorites.  I have one in solid black jersey, one in this cool jersey from Mood Fabrics
 and one in shiny silver metallic lame from CaliFabrics.com (which didn't quite have enough stretch, but it will do!)
I love that its not a huge fabric hog despite the long ties - I bought 2 yards of this blue and pink jersey and made the 3/4 length Jalie and had enough left to eek out a short sleeved Renfrew! 
Its very simple to sew, it has sparse instructions but pictures for each step that are pretty helpful. I love the clever method of attaching the tie!  The first time I did it I was scared I was going to screw it all up, because (if you haven't made it) you sew the front together, sew the front to back, sew the scarf on.....and then roll the front and back inside the scarf, and sew it up, leaving a small space at one end of the tie to pull out everything!  But it works great  and leaves nice clean ties.

Its very flattering, you have options with the sleeve length, you can adjust the tie length if you are not so into bows (I usually just loop mine), and its a really simple pattern that is comfy like a tshirt but has a little something extra, and you can have fun with prints.

Jalie's sizing is not bad, I cut an "S" but I cut "V" sleeves, and sort of blended them.  I made a Jalie plain old tshirt once and the bodice fit fine but the sleeves were too tight for my mighty yoga arms.  This time I measured the flat pattern and added a little extra ease.  I'm happy with the "S" fit on me.
the liquid lame makes me look like the T-1000

but its very festive!

as I mentioned, not quite stretchy enough., but it works!

This is one my favorite patterns, I have plans for a few more in both solids and prints. Highly recommend.


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