In the beginning - my first few projects and a dress bonanza!!

When I got my Brother sewing machine for Christmas 2012, I just dove right in! These are some of my first attempts, for better or worse!

First I got to know my new machine with some jammie pants for Tim. The fabric reminded me of a magma chamber:

Then a shirt, a little corduroy Simplicity skirt, then my Easter dress:
my photographer was in LA.

This was the Vogue 8784 wrap dress pattern, went together nicely, no complaints.  Fabric from JoAnn.
The cat butt didn't leave a permanent mark.

Oh, and I made a tanktop with my leftovers

 Then I attempted Vogue 1250, a cowl-neck Donna Karan design with some cool jersey I bought from Gorgeous fabrics.

close up of the fabric - navy and chartreuse!

i couldn't decide if i liked the sleeve/shoulder, or if it would be more flattering if they were different....

i just left them!
The fabric is kind of lightweight, so you can't eat a big meal while wearing it. I think it would also work in a heavier knit. But I love the color and fit, and aside from taking in the side seams a good 1/2" or so, I had no sewing or fitting issues.

Then I made two versions of Simplicity 2246, a Lisette shirtdress.

Both in fabrics from Fabric Outlet SF:

the gathered short sleeve version with a band collar in a super soft cotton
the 3/4 sleeve with regular collar version in a stretch cotton

Finally, I made Vogue 8787, which is cute (for Vogue) and comes in a variety of options. I made version F, sleeveless and straight skirt, but I plan to make some of the other varieties. I used this geometric jersey from Mood.  

I thought this pattern was fairly straightforward, and I was surprised by how well it fit (I cut a 12 bottom and 10 top/midriff).

I thought the black would break up the print a little. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make, and how well it fit and I thought it was surprisingly flattering.  Sometimes Vogue's patterns are hideous and their instructions can make you twitch, but once in a while they do ok. Anyway, I really liked this pattern and plan to eventually make more in some of the different options, and maybe in a solid, or color block it!

These were some of my first attempts. As you can see, I just dive right in! I'll figure it, she says. Not bad. A year later I know so much more than I did with my first few projects. What an idiot! But I've learned a lot, and want to continue to challenge myself!


  1. That teal Lisette dress is so so cute - Love it! And you might have convinced me to finally give the famous Vogue 1250 a go!

  2. Terrific work! Love everything and the blog reviews are good too! Thank you so much, I am here from PR. Annette

  3. Thanks! The V1250 isn't too bad, as Vogue patterns go!


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