Scooby Doo and the Case of the Ripply Zipper - Hollyburn Skirt Redux

This past week I completed my 3rd and 4th Hollyburn skirt.  Pics of #3 coming soon - this is #4.  As per usual, I made a size 6, version B, etc. etc.

My fabric is a green plaid that I bought from Gorgeous Fabrics:
It is actually green and brown, not black.  A poly/acetate/acrylic novelty tweed.
If it looks familiar its because I made my mom a StyleArc Gabby jacket with the same fabric.  Other than matching the plaids while cutting, this was simple as usual.  With regard to the plaids, I decided to cut it on the bias instead of the straight grain, thinking (1) if I mismatched at all, it would be slightly less noticeable and (2) it might be more visually interesting.  The plaid matching went well:
I invite you to judge my plaid matching.
And the rest of the skirt turned out cute.  I should wear this on St. Patrick's Day.

I happened to have lime green lace hem tape in my stash. I love it when a plan comes together.
The color looks more true in this photo.
Gotta have my pockets.  My plaids did not match at the side seams. I pick the battles I can win.
However I think I might have figured out the problem with the ripply zipper in my second Colette Ginger skirt.  The same thing happened on this one! It's not terribly obvious:
How about this picture? Can you see my wavy butt?! Tim says just to tell people its my tail.
My theory is that its a result of cutting these on the bias. The only skirts I've had this issue with are the two that were cut on the bias. Different patterns, different fabric, but same problem.  Even my first few awkward attempts at zippers weren't wavy.  So, I know that you let a dress/skirt hang for 24 hours before hemming to avoid negative effects of a bias cut, but I've never heard of doing this for zippers.  Even the Colette patten instructions for Version 3, which is meant to be bias cut, do not suggest hanging it before installing zipper. Maybe I'm wrong and its just a coincidence and sometimes I suck at zipper installation?  But I just made a Hollyburn three days ago and did not have this problem. So next time I cut a bias skirt I will let it hang before installing the zipper.
I still love the skirt, and the zipper issue reminds of something a colleague of my Dad's used to say: "Didn't see it, can't prove it!"  It's in the back, I can't see it, so I'm going to pretend it never happened!

Thinking about the wonky zipper.....

What wonky zipper?


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