Sewaholic Hollyburn(s)

I purchased the Hollyburn skirt pattern from Sewaholic after making up the Lonsdale dress, and not only loving the dress, but thinking, "this skirt would be amazing on its own."  The Hollyburn skirt comes in 3 lengths - the shorter the skirt, the more flare and fullness.
 3 lengths, 3 amounts of flare

I cut a size 6, no muslin, since the Lonsdale size 6 fit  perfectly.  My first attempt was Version B - the mid-length version.  My fabric was a mystery woven from J&O Fabrics in New Jersey.  Black with silver stripes/thread!

This took forever - not because it is a difficult pattern, it isn't. This fabric liked to fray like hell, and I had to finish every seam with seam binding.  But otherwise it was really straightforward to construct, I made no fitting adjustments, and was happy with the end result!
Looks good with a(nother) Detroit Lions t-shirt. 
You can see the silver threads a little better here. So its not quite just a plain black skirt!
My second attempt was Version C - the shorter one, with more flare.  My fabric was some leftover tropical weight wool from Gorgeous Fabrics in black that I had used to make a Cambie dress. (I made a dress and a skirt with 3 yards of nice fabric that I bought on sale - so about $30, plus thread, zips, and some dress lining fabric. Not bad!!)
I had never used tropical weight wool - it was really nice to cut, sew, mark on, and it feels like a suiting. It resists wrinkling fairly well.
The shorter version, so my knees can see some daylight.
Back view. I don't know if its very obvious that this is fuller than the one above, but it does have a little more flare.
Lacy hem to go with my lacy legs.
I'm happy with the way this turned out, but decided the silhouette didn't look as flattering as Version B. It's still cute and I wear it, but I think when I make this again I will stick with the less-flared version. (I have made this again since! It's Hollyburn skirt post week.)


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