Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber - an homage to Mr. Rogers

I've just completed my first version of the Rigel Bomber, one of the new patterns from Papercut.
I love the shoulder options on version 2

It is described as "An easy fit unlined raglan sleeve bomber jacket with the option to make with a geometric sleeve detail or plain sleeve."   They recommend light to medium weight woven fabrics, like wool, silk, cotton, linen.  I had about 8 ideas for this, considering its kind of ideal for CA weather, but one thing at a time!!

I decided to make a nice soft one to replace something similar I owned that was disintegrating. My fabric was a grey herringbone sweater knit (100% cotton) from
Midweight, with a chambray look on the back
I have herringbone fever right now (or is that swine flu?)  My herringbone Ginger skirt, and I just bought a cranberry herringbone wool skirt from a vintage store in Portland!

I cut a size XS - this is designed to be easy fit, so I was almost afraid the XS would be too big.  I used a black cotton/rayon/lycra knit for the 'ribbing' at the waist, wrists, and neckline and some Batman scrap fabric my Mom gave me to line the pockets.  I started with variation 1 (for now!)

This was fairly easy to sew, a bit here and there on weeknights and its finished! And I'm wearing it now.

I'm happy with the end result. The XS size was fine - if I made it in a silk or something fancier I would consider going down a size.  But this is easy and casual.  I also left it unlined (as it is designed) but I can see how it might be tempting to line it if the fabric were different.
I feel like Mr. Rogers when I zip this up. Time to feed the fish!
Back view.  Cat-breakfast adjacent.
Its not very heavyweight, but it was warm enough for this "California winter" morning.
Brrr. Glad I have my welt pockets....
Speaking of pockets:

Its the Batman!

Speaking of pockets, you may notice my left pocket is way the hell off to one side. I don't know what happened. I marked it on the wrong side when cutting, I marked it on the right side when sewing, and it came out a little off. I'm going to blame it on the playoff game we were watching. I was distracted, and I was not in beast mode. But its a welt, so there's no going back! I'll live with the welt I've been dealt!

(Also a little off - I ordered the gray herringbone fabric, and you can't really tell in the pics, but I think they sent me the navy.  I couldn't tell at first - so its understandable they couldn't either! - but when I put it next to navy, it looks navy. And when I put it next to black, it!! Oh well.)
Close up of the neckline.

Close up of the bottom and waist ribbing.

What else is there to say?  It was pretty straightforward other then messing up the welts (which was my fault).  The sleeves aren't as long as some other Papercut Patterns. The way the waistband ribbing meets up with the jacket is nice and simple and clean. The instructions are well-done and easy to follow.  The neckline seems a little low to me, but its just a different shape than I'm used to. I do like this, and plan to make some more in different fabrics and with the shoulder detail.  Its a nice layering piece that I think you could dress up or down.


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