Papercut Patterns Ooh la Leggings

Last fall I was working my way up to having the courage to make pants, so I decided to start with leggings. Specifically, the Ooh La Leggings from Papercut Patterns.
Shown with the Undercover Hood, which I've also sewn.

I really liked the design lines on these, which is why I bought this pattern even though there are certainly cheaper leggings patterns floating around.
Seams with topstitching and the option to pintuck

I cut a size S, with trepidation, because my bottom half is never a size S in any measurement system.  This matched my hip/ass measurements most closely.  For my fabric I used some ridiculous silver poly jersey from Mood. I don't wear leggings as pants, these were going to be a wearable muslin for inside the apartment, so why not silver polyester. If not then, when?
Why would I buy this? It must be either (a) green or (b) shiny.

I really like Papercut Patterns; the instructions are concise but clear, the patterns are well drafted. These went together rather quickly. I did the topstitching but not the pintucking, as they were just a muslin.  I took a few inches off the length, but otherwise made no fit adjustments.  I was pleased with the results!
On my way to Oakland Raiders mini camp. I'm the 4th-string long-snapper.

A closer look at the seaming

First, they fit! Not tight and not saggy and baggy.  I think sizing really depends on fabric here. If I made some up in stretch wool (which I'm tempted to do since I have some in my stash) I'd keep the S.  I'm also tempted to get some crazy nylon-spandex from and make myself some running tights, in which case I'd probably size down to an XS because I like my running tights TIGHT.  I also think that these would be cute made up in a thicker ponte knit, and they would also be wearable outside the apartment (not to work, but to run a quick errand or something. I still don't believe leggings are full-time pants!)
Side view, with bonus cats. She kept stepping in front of the camera.
Another view of the seams.
I didn't know if the seaming would be flattering, but I like it! I will definitely make this pattern again, its just not that high on my priority list right now. But I'm glad I spent the extra money on the Papercut pattern!


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