Vintage Slip - KwikSew 717

When I'm bored and in front of a computer, I browse vintage patterns on Etsy. I could do this for hours! I've made a lot of purchases from Miss Betty's Attic, and also Vntgfindz and Pattern Treasury. I found a vintage slip pattern on Etsy and decided to try it - I liked that it was simple but I really had a lot of options in terms of fabric, trim, length.

KwikSew patterns have been exactly the same since the 1970s.  Same paper, same font, same color scheme for the pattern lines for S-M-L-XL. If it ain't broke!

I cut a size S for the cups and bodice back and a size M for the torso.  My fabric was a viscose jersey in teal CAMO from Mood.

Hmm. I AM to visible to my enemies in my regular clothes. Need teal camo.

I'm not sure why I bought it, but I bought a yard with no specific purpose in mind.
It's very easy to sew, and went together very quickly. I did need assistance measuring the straps, and had to sort of put it on and pin them in place.  I think the sizing I chose was fine; I could probably go down to a S in the torso if its stretchy like this knit, but if I was using a satin or something I would stay with a M.
No shots of me modeling this one!

I like this pattern a lot and will likely sew it again. You could use satins or silks, or knits, (or sheers! haha) add lace trim, make it shorter or longer, add a slit if you wanted.  It could be more lingerie or more just a nightgown or a house-slip (what is a house-slip? I guess when its summer and you're making dinner on the stove and want to wear as little clothing as possible. Put on your house-slip!) Make it in flannel for winter! Whatever. But its easy and fun.


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