2014 Sewing Resolution - PANTS!!

My main sewing goals for the new year are to make pants. I have a few patterns - Sewaholic Thurlow and Papercut Peter and the Wolf that I'm excited to try.

 I've also read good things about StyleArc's many pants patterns, but am hesitant because they are single size and my lower body is multi-sized!  And I've made their dresses and had to make some major adjustments to get my upper and lower body to jive.

Its not the construction I fear, its the fitting.  My waist is usually 2 sizes smaller than my hip measurement, but its not so much hips as it is booty.  From the front I look like a normal person, but when I turn sideways I look like a cartoon! Plus I have a bit of swayback on top of the 'full butt'.  So that's my goal for this year, to successfully make nice-fitting pants. I have a Mood board full of gorgeous denim that I'm dying to purchase.

My other 'sewing' goal is to take better photos for my blog. Lots of older garments were just photographed to show friends, family, etc. So now they will be taken with publication in mind! I swear.
 Happy New Year!


  1. I have the same 'problem' of a small waist and a bit booty and I usually buy the hip size and then take out the side seams at the waist and a wedge out of the back centre to deal iwth the sway back. Good luck! Making your own pants that fit will change your life...

  2. Thanks for the fitting tips! You know, its not really a 'problem', I should call it a challenge. But its a challenge when buying pants off the shelf too, so I hope I can figure it out!


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