Cake Tiramisu knit wrap dress

I love, love wrap dresses. I hate the anxiety that comes with wearing one when you have to worry about it gaping at the neckline or flying open below the waist! So I decided to try Cake Patterns' Tiramisu knit faux-wrap dress.
Also the name of one of my favorite desserts!
Reviews of this dress promise no gaping at the neckline, and its not a wrap skirt, so I thought I'd have a good shot at containment!

This pattern was also appealing because it is fully customizable to fit:  the bodice can be adjusted by both band and cup size, and the midriff and skirt can be made in different sizes, if that's your shape. Cake makes it easy to grade from one to another (not that its difficult) but you can take the bodice size (say 30), find that mark on the top of the midriff, then find your waist size (say 27) at the bottom of the midriff and just cut along the line that joins the two. Zero trigonometry involved.

I ended up cutting a 30D for the bodice after all was said and done.  I also omitted the pockets because it was a wearable muslin and because I was afraid they'd add bulk (since it was a knit).  My fabric was a kelly green Swiss 4-way stretch from Gorgeous fabrics.
Green? You don't say.

I'd never worked with 4-way stretch, and it felt a little too....wetsuit-y for me? (It is technically nylon/acetate/lycra.)  But since this was a wearable muslin it would be fine.  It's a nice fabric, it cuts and sews easily, presses well, and is wrinkle resistant. It just wasn't my favorite to the touch.  But it was on sale!

This went together fairly quickly. I had no issues with construction, other than the front bands were a little ripply (more on one side than the other).  Don't know if it was twisted, or off-grain, or a mistake on my end.


The midriff piece means I don't have extra fabric in my swayback.
I'm not sure if I like the kimono sleeeve (there is no set in sleeve, its one piece with the bodice). I think it may be unflattering to my back/shoulders from the back:

Here is my rippling neck band:
I'm also not sure about the bodice: there's some space between the bodice/midriff seam and my actual bustline, and I think the gathers accentuate the issue:

Shouldn't it be a little higher? Is it because there's too much stretch? Next time I will shorten the bodice an inch, and maybe stabilize that seam with clear elastic?

Maybe the bodice also needs to be a bit smaller? I think so.

I am pleased with the 'security' of the bodice:
Nothing to see here, perverts!
Aside from a few minor issues, I really like this dress. I wear it very often considering its a wearable muslin, and get a lot of compliments! Its also very comfortable. I definitely plan to make this pattern again, with a few small changes.
Happy (albeit headless) in my green Tiramisu!


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