"Deer's looking at you, kid" skirt - another Sewaholic Hollyburn

So this is my 3rd Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt, and counting!
Version B

I can't help it: it's flattering, cute, fun and comfortable to wear, and the construction is pretty fast (especially by the 3rd, 4th time).

I made the usual size 6, nothing new.  I had already made a Version B and a Version C, and I prefer B.  The shorter the skirt the more flare, and I just think the flare on B is best for me. But that's not the exciting part - the exciting part is my batshit crazy fabric:
Are. You. Serious.

It's Echino canvas from Japanese designer Etsuko Furuya and I ordered it from modes4u.com, based in Hong Kong, which is where I bought my Kokka cat fabric for the Colette Ginger skirt. I just got new glasses this fall, and they have red frames!!
I wonder if his are by Prada also......
(Only these frames are a bit more stylish than the Sally Jessie Raphael red frames I sported in middle school.)

I only had bought 2 1/2 yards (it wasn't cheap!), and its 45" wide (the pattern calls for 3 yards of 45") and the deer pattern is directional, so I had to cut it single layout, and decided not to potentially come up short on fabric by trying to match the pattern. It's polka dots and deer - its just a fun skirt, and I can live without perfect matching.  I did fit all the pieces on the yardage I had, so the skirt can be made with less than 3 yards.

I decided to add red piping to the waistband and pockets, to break up the pattern a little, and highlight the pockets - this was my first attempt at piping, and now I want to add it to everything! (Maybe I'll make this skirt again in a solid and pipe all of the seams...)

Here is the finished skirt!

When I tried it on, I starting laughing like a madwoman. I love it! It's ridiculous. I am calling it my "Deer's looking at you, kid" skirt.
Eyes in the back of my skirt....watching you.

This one does NOT have the ripply zipper issue that yesterday's version had.
I didn't know how I would feel about canvas, but its actually really nice and easy to work with (as was the cat canvas from the Ginger skirt). It does attract lint and cat hair like you wouldn't believe, so stock up on lint rollers.

I did make sure the waistband would prominently feature the eyeglass-wearing deer.  Sometime I actually do make a plan before I cut into my fabric!

There's all kinds of unique fabric at modes4u.com, and its not all deer. Some really beautiful florals, lots of novelty fabric, all kinds of animals if that's what you're into.  The only thing that keeps me from shopping there more is that their international shipping means I have to go to the seventh circle of hell my local post office to retrieve my shipments.  So while you're there, buy enough to get free shipping ($78 USD) and minimize your trips to the post office (unless you work from home and can be there to meet the mailman).

This is by far my favorite Hollyburn skirt. Wearing it makes me happy!
I'm rarely this excited to leave the house to go to work!
Thus concludes my week of Hollyburn posts, and also concludes my sewing this pattern for a while. I'll probably pull it out again for some spring/summer skirts, but its time to give it a rest.


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