A Satin-y Zinnia skirt

Having started this back in March, I finally had time to finish up my first attempt at the Zinnia skirt by Colette Patterns.
the Colette Zinnia skirt
I chose version 3, the pleated and lined version (although I ended up not lining it). But I preferred the pleated look of Versions 2 & 3 to the gathered look of Version 1.
I cut the size 6, which is what I wear in the Ginger skirt also by Colette.  My fabric was this satiny abstract print that I found precut on a table of miscellaneous stuff at the Fabric Outlet in SF. I think its just a poly satin or something (but its not very shiny, more matte). Purple, pink, some blue, white. It was fairly easy to cut and sew.

The instructions are excellent as always. I like that they warn you about being careful with the pleats - there are 16, so if you make each one too large by 1/8", it might not fit you at the end! So I brought out the sewing gauge.
The pleats are time consuming but simple. The only dislike for me was the extended tab finish at the waistband. I don't care for it, and when I make this again (and I will!) I won't use that technique (same thing in the Sewaholic Gabriola I just made - and I didn't like it there either.  More on that another post!)

Here is the finished skirt:
Oh, I used my new serger to do a narrow rolled hem. 
I was originally going to line this, but the fabric is thin but not sheer. So I saved my purple chiffon for another day. Sadly, the print kind of hides the pleats. but they're there and they give the skirt some nice body and flounce.

The wind was picking up while I was outside, and I was surprised that the skirt puffed out like a sail on a sailboat, but didn't fly up - so I didn't flash my photographer. I would have expected it to be more volatile on a windy day. Good to know.
A back view.
I like it!

No, I won't actually wear that blue tank top with it. Ooh, and I stabilized the zipper with some organza strips.
Here are the pleats, stitched down.

Overall I really like the pattern, its a new silhouette for my closet.  I definitely plan to make the pleated version again, once with a sheer that is lined (for real this time) and once with some cotton with some more body to it.


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