Colette Ginger skirt - Mrow

I know I said I didn't need any more Colette Ginger skirts....but then I had to move my fall/winter ones to the back of the closet. So I needed a spring/summer one! I decided to use the Ginger pattern for this linen fabric I bought from Gorgeous Fabrics;
Meee-Yow! Suit Weight Linen from gorgeousfabrics.coom
It's a medium weight linen, kind of heavy for pants or tops, with a pretty repeating animal print.  I never buy neutrals, other than black an animal print!

I made a size 6 as usual, plain waistband, no boning this time, and I was feeling brave so I made almost the entire thing on my serger! The linen frays and I'd have to finish the edges anyway. Other than installing the zipper and ditch-stitching the waistband down, it's all serged.

Nothing revolutionary this time, although I did stabilize the zipper with organza. Lesson learned from before.

My favorite thing about this version is that the linen has some stiff body to it, and it really results in a very accentuated A-line shape, more so than some of my other versions....

I eeked this out of 1.5 yards of fabric and even managed to match the pattern.
Very crisp!
I actually love it, despite my expression. I was just half asleep in frog pajamas that morning. Especially considering I wanted to show the shape of the skirt and cut off the bottom in all the photos.

Like a nosferatu caught in a sunrise...
Anyway, I know I swore off Gingers, and I did - I made a Zinnia!  I can't help it, I love this pattern, its a quick sew and I feel good in them.  I'm really going to put it aside for a while now....Seriously!

But I do recommend trying it in a starchy fabric with some body, if you're into a pronounced A-line shape, as opposed to a softer or drape-ier woven.


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