Simplicity 1589 - A Pattern Review Deer to My Heart (aka the Jagermeister top)

I was really depressed about winter ending in early February this year (I hate California!) so I decided to make some spring/summer things to cheer me up. I recently bought Simplicity 1589 on a whim - I liked the back cutout but don't often wear loose fitting blouses. 

I cut a size 10 based on the ease and the final garment measurements and cut view A, with the open back. Before I cut the fabric I shortened the bodice 1".  Speaking of my fabric, it was a crazy Echino decoro cotton sateen I bought a while back from Fabricworm:

I am a sucker for deer fabric for some reason...especially if they're wearing eyeglasses. When I got this, Tim pointed out that it looked like the Jagermeister logo:

So this is my Jager blouse.

This was easy to sew - its pretty basic and its a 'learn to sew' pattern so the instructions are very clear and explicit, if I was a new sewer I would have appreciated them!  I sewed this up in about an hour or so, it's pretty fast!

My deer are ready for their close-up
Front view - not too blousy. I actually like it! I wouldn't wear it with the full skirt I have on above though, it would have to be more fitted.
I LOVE the back! LOVE. The open part is perfectly placed with respect to bra straps, which is nice. Love the back...
I took another inch off the back before I hemmed it, but I think it's still too long - plus, I'm 'posing' which exaggerates the problem. I should have done a sway-back adjustment to the back piece, and will do in the future. For now I'll just lop another inch or two off the bottom. I don't like when tops rest on my butt like a shelf.

Overall, I liked it! And was a little surprised I liked it, but how could I not love those deer? I will still shorten it up some more, but so far the Jager top is my first successful spring/summer 2015 project. It's crisp and comfortable, and it's nice to have a few tops that aren't too clingy for hot days. And, fun fact, contrary to urban legend, Jagermeister does not contain deer blood. So drink up!


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