Pants Disaster

This is HotPatterns HP 2005 Workaday Pants. It was an unmitigated disaster, and I'm very disappointed in the pattern.  They fit more like leggings. They barely fit me!  I read a comment on about HotPatterns mens pants patterns that basically suggested they were designed/prototyped for a larger man, then not sized down correctly. This seems to make sense, as the waist on these is the only thing close to fitting properly. My dad says he's ready for the ballet! The pictures are blurry because I was laughing so hard - at least we had a laugh out of it, right? But very disappointing for a ~$17 pattern.  Also disappointing that HotPatterns decided not to publish my review of this pattern on their website. But I would not recommend it.

In comparison, I recently made a muslin of KwikSew 3504 mens pants (pics coming), and it came out beautifully!! Excellent instructions, and the instructions for inserting a zipper fly were especially clear and well done. I feel better knowing that there wasn't a problem with me (or my model!), but it was the HotPatterns design.

They fit like pants, not jeggings (meggings? for men?)

Excellent instructions for inserting the zipper fly. Excuse my recycling in the background.


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