Style Arc Sharon "Sweat Top" jacket - pattern review

I just completed the StyleArc Sharon jacket (or "sweat top", as they call it!)  The StyleArc Sharon is described as: A fabulous weekend piece to have in your wardrobe, use contrast rib to give a point of difference to your top. The zip front makes this an easy throw on sweat top and the zip pockets are an optional feature.

I ordered a size 8, which is my standard size for StyleArc tops. My fabrics were a pair of ponte knits from Mood Fabrics, in garnet and black.
A rayon-polyester-lycra blend ponte with a bit of stretch.
The style lines in this allow for some color blocking options, which I took advantage of, mainly because the black would be hidden (you'll see!) and I only had a yard of the red. But I like the effect.

Sewing notes:  The instructions can be squirrely at times, especially for attaching the bottom band and the front facing; I think some steps may be out of order, so read them thru and think and pin before you do anything.  For example, if you finish the bottom band before the facing, the bottom of your facing will be free hanging; if you do the facing first, you can enclose the bottom in the band.  The directions for the bottom band didn't make sense, but if you've made something similar, you know how it should look and can figure it out. But I thought the written instructions, to a novice, would result in head-scratching and ripping.  StyleArc instructions tend to be a little underwhelming, so if you sew them often you know what you're in for.

It came together quickly and was made mostly on my serger. I interfaced the front and back with a lightweight interfacing so it would support the big plans I had, and I omitted the pockets for the same reason.....But first the basic jacket!

The side panel detail in contrast red.
The center back could have used a sway back adjustment to remove some fabric, but it won't matter in the end. For next time though.

I love the look of the exposed metal zip from
Unzipped. I stitched the facing down because it wouldn't show.
So I really liked the finished project, despite being a little frustrated with the instructions (because its a pretty simple sew!). I plan to make another one to wear "as-is", because this one has another purpose: the base jacket for some amazing faux fur!
Just pinned on so I could see how it would look.
I bought this amazing multi-colored faux fur from Fabric Outlet in SF (at the spring 40% off sale because that shit is expensive!)  I was going to make a vest, but I don't wear vests. They look stylish, but when do my arms need ventilation my body doesn't? Then I was inspired by this look from the Burda Style website:

It has the look of a vest with the practicality and functionality of a jacket! However, I don't love Burda pdf patterns, so I bought the StyleArc Sharon to use as the 'base', because despite their instructions, their patterns are beautifully drafted and I know my size will fit.

If you've never worked with faux fur: Turn it upside down, trace your patterns on the wrong side being mindful of nap, and use an exacto knife to cut it, this way you only cut the backing and not the fur.  I machine-sewed the front panels and the neckline of the back panel, then hand-stitched the armholes and the rest of the back, and tacked it along the bottom. Labor intensive, but worth it!
It's heavy and warm!
I wanted the bottom band to show, so I trimmed the fur an inch or so.

The stitching is not visible with all of that fur, so it blends really nicely.

So that's my fur. Making this was really fun, and I think I have a thing for faux fur now...I do plan to make another version of the Sharon jacket and leave it 'bald', because its a cute casual jacket, and I recommend it if you like sewing casual/sportswear!


  1. Nice! That looks fun and comfy. Did you finish your ponte seams? I'm about to sew with ponte and I'm not sure if I should finish them or just trim them.

  2. These seams are finished since they're done with the serger, but before I had a serger I used to just use pinking shears to finish/trim ponte seams. I have a few ponte pencil skirts that are just trimmed with pinking shears. I hate finishing seams, which is why I love knits!

  3. I love your two versions of this jacket.


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