KwikSew 3267 - Would you hire a man wearing these pants?

KwikSew 3504 and I are old friends - I've made that pattern close to a dozen times as jeans, corduroys, shorts, pants, whatever.  Since the light is at the end of the tunnel for Tim in terms of finishing grad school, he asked for some "interview pants", aka chinos or khakis.  I decided to try KwikSew 3267, since I've had a good experience with 3504.
The pattern is described as "Flat-front pants and shorts have front side pockets, a fly zipper, waistband with belt loops, back welt pockets with button closures."  Different pockets and no yoke, basically, from what I'd been making.  I used a stretch cotton twill from Mood Fabrics in a chocolate-y brown color:
I will agree with the reviewer that the fabric is a bit cooler in color than how it photographs.  It has a slight stretch, but not too much, which is all I needed. Also I love the description: "Sew it into a pair of classic chinos or use the stretch to your advantage for a pair of equestrian-inspired breeches".  I got a firm "no" on the equestrian breeches idea.  But a very nice fabric for $7.99/yard.

I cut a size M and made a quick muslin, then dove in.  The construction was pretty simple since I'm pretty familiar with KwikSew men's pants.  I have said this before and I'll say it again about KwikSew: the instructions on this (and 3504) are excellent.  If you are inexperienced with or afraid of sewing a fly front or a welt pocket, these are great step-by-step instructions.  That's the main reason I bought a KwikSew pattern for this project.

Speaking of welt pockets - the ones on my muslin were nicer than on the pants.  I wonder if it's the bit of stretch in the fabric vs. the super crisp muslin? I just couldn't smooth out the corners as well as I wanted to, although it is less noticeable when there is a butt in them. Oh well.

These pants have darts, not a yoke like the jeans, and they actually fit pretty well.  I have to basically put a dart in the yoke of 3504 to prevent gaping at the waistband, but these were not too bad. I did stay-stitch the waist of the front and back to prevent stretching.  In the end I pinched out a small wedge at the center back and I took in the leg below the knee to be a bit narrower, but those were the only fitting adjustments.

Picture them without the "Beer" shirt and sandals. But then again, he's a geologist, so this look is practically formalwear.
This pattern is more relaxed in the butt than 3504.  It's more "Dad Pants"

Side pockets
Maybe they could use more room in the hip/butt?  But I don't want gaping at the waist, and there's not a lot of opportunities to grade it between the waist and butt.  The butt is just there!  I ask myself how perfectly they would fit if he went to the store and bought them and try and cut myself some slack.

Chinos have extra belt loops. Shows you're serious about your work!  I sew the bottom of the belt loop right into the seam allowance when I attach the waistband.

In the end, he's happy so I'm happy.  I plan on sewing this pattern again later in the fall with some wool suiting I bought recently and maybe I can work on perfecting this pattern on my next attempt. 


  1. Maybe a pinch more in the side seams. That cute butt will do it every time, pulls a little to the back. But I think they look great!! You pretty much nailed them first time out. Go you!!
    Karen in illinois.


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