Sew Over It Pussybow Blouse

The next stop on my pattern tour of pussybow blouses is the Sew Over It Pussybow Blouse. 
I decided to do Version 2, which is the attached v-neck (on the right, as opposed to the open v-neck), since Version 1 is almost exactly like the Style Arc Holly I had just made
This was going to be another trial version or wearable muslin, so I used an inexpensive polyester woven from Mood fabrics. 
I cut the size 10 based on the finished garment measurements.  This sewed up very quickly. It's not a complicated pattern and I had basically just done the same thing with the StyleArc version, and most of the major construction components are pretty similar.  I did not put the little buttons on my sleeve cuffs, not because they are tiny and fiddly but because I don't like button cuffs and I was happy just sliding my wrists through.  No other deviations from the instructions.  The results:

This fabric makes me look like I escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane. But I like the blouse! A few things: this size 10 is much closer fitting than the StyleArc Holly size 10 (which I took in quite a bit and should have at least started with an 8).  I have to wiggle a bit to get this over my fat head.  But once it's on, I like the fit.
I like the slightly fatter tie on this pattern.  My next pussybow blouse will probably be from my vintage pattern collection and those ties are wide!
My only real dislike is the existence of a center front seam. You can see it in the photos because this polyester doesn't press well.  The StyleArc Holly has no CF seam and I like that better, but I think I could make this pattern again and omit the CF and it would be no big deal to the construction.  I also need to shorten the sleeves maybe 2".
The back is significantly longer than the front, and this needs to come up a few inches for next time.  It's draping weird on my arse. 
This shirt is hilarious!  And it matches my hair.  I do really like it, and I think it is definitely a wearable muslin (although not until fall/winter, because I was sweating under that polyester).  I will definitely make it again with those few modifications - no CF seam, shorten the back hem and sleeves.  Maybe in a fabric that is not so much Bride of Beetlejuice.


  1. Love that blouse, the styling is so fun and it looks fantastic on you! You could never have a bad day wearing it!


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