2017 Sewing Plans, Goals, Hopes, Dreams....

This year I have half a dozen or so projects that I really want to take my time and make something amazing that I'll wear forever.  My wardrobe is pretty complete in terms of things I wear every day (although I still have the occasional "I have nothing to wear" morning). I still enjoy whipping up a new skirt or dress in half a day but would like to take the time to make some more time-consuming projects, things that involve muslin(s), multiple weekends of sewing, special design elements, etc.  So in no particular order....

A classic trench coat
While browsing vintage sewing patterns on Etsy - my favorite way to spend my lunch break if it's too miserable for a walk - I found an amazing vintage Vogue trench coat pattern by Christian Dior.  I think I spent $25 or $30 on the pattern, which is about as high as I'll go, even for vintage.

It's a classic trench with an amazing gathered back detail, which I love.  I've already ordered some swatches for the fabric and lining.

A classic (p)leather moto jacket
Something I've wanted to own for a while.  I have several patterns, including the StyleArc Ziggi and KwikSew 3764.   I want all the sleeve zips and everything.
I've also ordered some swatches for this.  I want a really quality looking pleather.  I'd be willing to spend money on real leather, but whenever I see "goat hide" it makes me feel guilty, so I'll try and work with pleather.

Twill army jacket
I just realized that all of these projects are jackets/coats!! Uh oh.  Ok - two years ago we were in glorious Dayton, OH in early September, and it went from hot late summer weather to cold overnight, and we had packed no sweaters. So off to Old Navy, where Tim got this great jacket, its army green, with a hood and pockets - it's a great layer.  I am currently going thru a lapel pin phase, and decided I wanted a basic army jacket to serve as a canvas for my pins and patches.  Something casual that would look good with jeans and boots.  Patten sourcing has been tricky - I haven't found anything I really like in either Big 4 or indie patterns, so I bought a few vintage styles off of Etsy (where else! Tim needs to change my password and not tell me for a while...) and I'll try those out. And of course I've ordered some swatches.

I know this is a men's coat, but I kind of like the orange version

I love this! Maybe not for this project but that army green version looks pretty badass.

Clear vinyl studded raincoat
Last year we saw the Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Amazing, beautiful gowns, but strangely the one piece that stuck with me the most was this amazing studded clear raincoat:

I've already found some 'fashion weight' clear vinyl and Mood has a huge selection of studs.  I also found a vintage (1980s or 90s) raincoat pattern (Etsy!) that I plan to use, only the pattern has a collar and I think I will leave it collarless like the OdlR version.  Oh and no buttons/buttonholes.

My only issue to work out is what to do with the seam allowances...

More faux fur
I am obsessed with faux fur this winter.  I have a few vintage patterns that mix wool and fur and I'd like to make one (or more!) of them. (How many fur coats does a Californian need?)

I love the plaid/fur combo in the Simplicity pattern, and I don't yet have a faux fur coat that only has fur sleeves.  So this is on the to-do list, even if it's a summer project for next season.

I made myself my first pair(s) of jeans this fall and I wear them all the time. I have a lot of amazing denim in my stash and I'd like to continue to improve my jeans skills and play with topstitching, pocket details and other customizations.  Also I felt like I should have something on this list that was not a coat/jacket!!

So these are my lofty aspirations for this year.  I'll definitely mix in some instant gratification projects, some easy summer dresses and skirts and sewing for Tim.  I would also like to replace my RTW tshirts with handmade ones, which I've been inspired to do by Rochelle at Lucky Lucille.  Basic t-shirts are really the only clothes that I buy, and I need to appreciate the boredom but ultimate satisfaction of making them myself!  I think one obstacle is finding just the right fabric, so I'll have to head to Fabric Outlet to handle some knits before I dive in.
Happy 2017 sewing!!


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