A (Faux) Leather Hollyburn - for the Vegans

This isn't really a pattern review because I have at least 3 Hollyburns in my closet already.   I was seeing a lot of leather skirts in easier silhouettes (as opposed to sexy and vampy - not that there's anything wrong with that!) in magazines, and decided to make a version for myself. 

I bought some black vegan leather from Califabrics.com:
I was really happy with this fabric when it arrived - it's beautiful, and looks really high-quality for pleather. It had been sold out (because I bought the rest since I liked it so much, ha!) but looks like they've restocked here.

I sewed a size 6 like I usually do with a Hollyburn and sewed version B. The only difference was to use a teflon foot for the pleather and lengthen my stitches, especially for topstitching the pockets, etc. I had no issues sewing the pleather, it was easy with the teflon foot!  I did some test stitches on a scrap, which I usually do and would recommend any time its a new fabric or technique.
I experimented with hems and in the end decided just not to hem it; I sewed a line of topstitching around the bottom for a pseudo-hem look.

Pictures! (with my leopard tee-shirt, cotton jersey also from Califabrics.com)

The pocket doesn't normally look janky like that. I must have just pulled my hand out...

I love it! I like having a leather skirt that is a little less aggressive in its shape, so it seems more work appropriate, but it's still leather. Ladylike leather, to sex up your Hollyburns!


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