StyleArc Brooke Skirt - pattern review

One of my February purchases from StyleArc was one of their new skirt patterns - the Brook Woven skirt. Described as: This on trend asymmetrical skirt has a full wrap that will allow you to wear this skirt with confidence that it will not fall. We have given you two full patterns in two different lengths that gives you the choice of the mini skirt or the more sophisticated knee length. You will feel fabulous in either!

Will I feel fabulous? We'll see.  I bought a size 10 and made a muslin of the mini length, which was a  tad short (for work).  I didn't have a fabric in mind until I saw this stretch cotton online at Mood a few weeks ago - for $3.99 a yard! Yes please.  I normally don't wear yellow, but I've been trying to get out of my comfort zone in terms of style and color lately, and I liked the print.
Stretch cotton - $3.99/yard!
This is an easy sew, I whipped this up in maybe an hour and half, or less.  There is nothing tricky - a few darts, mitred corners, a zipper.  The instructions are sparse and maybe skip some steps that are obvious (like adding the fusible to the back waist - also I believe they alternately call it facing and fuse.  So I cut interfacing and interfaced it. Whatever).  My muslin had no give, and the stretch cotton obviously does, so it was a little looser and therefore also sits a little lower than the muslin, so the length is now perfect, and I wore it to work on Monday. Some pics (DST really messed with my pre-work natural lighting!)
Front view.  On this fabric, the print get more dense at the edges, so I cut it so that it would follow the angled front pieces.
Side views
I like that it sits at/below the waist (again, this needs to be taken in a tad, so its not meant to be so low. But my muslin was right below my belly button).  I don't always like wearing higher waisted skirts. It's also easier to fit - usually my natural waist/hips are 2 sizes apart, especially in StyleArc, but this needed no modifications.
The fact that it's a little loose/lower also means its not so short in front to be work-appropriate, so I'm okay with that!  But if you hoik it up 2" to my navel you can imagine the length in front (and I'm 5'4").
It is very secure, as advertised, in that there is no danger of flashing anyone unless you're 6' tall and make the min-length.
I am really happy with it, and plan on making another version(s).  I even like the yellow (as long as its not next to my face).  I think it would work in a variety of fabrics, from lightweight summery ones to a wool or wool suiting weight.  I'm really into StyleArc skirts lately, I can't stop making them!


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