Pattern Review - Burda B6770 Pants

Lately I've found myself buying patterns that I never would have thought I would like - the cape in my previous post, for example!  Which brings me to this Burda Style pants pattern:

First of all, I haven't really gotten around to making myself real non-leggings pants yet, although my apartment is full of muslins.  I saw this, and bought it, I'm not sure why - I was sober and of sound mind and body.  I kind of liked the pleat, but doubted it would look good on my body.  I decided to make view A, first with some fruity rayon challis I'd just bought from


It is very lightweight and drapey and silky - perfect for this style.  I cut a size 12 - based on my hip I would have cut a 14, but I chose the 12 based on the finished measurements printed on the pattern (thanks Burda!) It came out to about 6" ease, which is plenty.

Burda instructions are sparse, but fine. This is a pretty simple pant to sew. Pockets, hip yoke, front to back, pleats, waistband, hem it - done.  The challenging aspect was my slippery silky fruit fabric to be honest.

In the end I left the waistband smooth and used 1.5" Fantastic Elastic instead of stitching as instructed, and since I was trying to squeeze these out of 2 yards of 45" fabric, I cropped them out of necessity!  They are a bit of an awkward length (view A, at least).  I am 5'4", and they come just to my ankle. I'd like them 2" longer or 4" shorter.

 I sewed these in about an hour or so and in the end I had some apple bottoms! And, quelle surprise - I LOVE THEM!  So comfy, and more flattering to my body than I had anticipated!  
I love them so much.   I love them so much, in fact, I decided I needed to make like 4 more pair.  I made a black and navy pair in rayon challis (also from and another patterned pair, this time in a lightweight cotton poplin I had just ordered from Mood:

I was trying to go outside my comfort zone with color, and had originally planned to make this a dress. But I was getting the stink-eye from Tim, so I had the brilliant idea it would be perfect for these pants.  This fabric was also a great choice, very lightweight, cut and pressed beautifully.  This pair I left ankle length (I cropped my black ones).

It might be hammer time
Close-up of the front
A pair of pleats on each side
So these are my favorite spring/summer pants. They are perfect for this weather when its 40F when I leave the house and 72F by lunchtime. I've made 4 pair in the last week....and I may not be finished!  They would also be great for fall in a drapey suiting fabric, or you could go casual and sew it in a  knit!
The lesson is, you never know how things will turn out after you say to yourself, "Why the hell did I just buy that?"!


  1. These look great. I love the apples pair the most. I wouldn't have ever picked this patern up but I might have to get it after seeing your triumphs here!


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