New Look 6227 Pattern Review - A CAPE!

Sometime in January I found myself browsing patterns and I was hypnotized by the cape patterns from New Look.  I bought this one

and  also this one
and will probably eventually buy this one!

I never thought I was a 'cape person'.  I had also recently bought some really beautiful Tahari wool plum speckled coating from

and for a lining I used Bemberg rayon in mustard from Mood.

I started with 6227 - no hood.  I cut a size S, view C.  The trick with this fabric that I did not foresee is the directional stripe - I managed to creatively lay it out and cut it so that it made a chevron at the center front and back.  
Construction is simple, there are only a few pieces.  The slits are basically like cutting a welt, if you've done that before, only larger.  The only change I made was not to attach the lining at the bottom edge; I'd read a review where this seemed to cause the fabric not to lay right, which probably wouldn't have been a problem for me since the wool was quite heavy, but I decided to play it safe. So the lining  hangs free and has a rolled hem.  The only other addition was that I topstitched the neck edge, because the lining kept wanting to roll out ever so slightly.
Once I finished, NorCal decided winter was over and I've barely worn it, but I still love it, and can't wait for next year's "winter", all 3 weeks of it.

Front view
Side view, with cat.
Back view - needs a press from being in my closet.  The cat is still waiting to go for a walk outside the gate while I stand around taking photos.
Lining! Normally I don't like/wear yellow, but thought of all the 'specks' it was the most complementary color for a lining.

The arm openings are plenty big enough for comfortable movement. I cannot, however, wear my shoulder bag across my body!
Topstitching not noticeable, but does keep the lining on the inside.

This was an easy pattern to sew, a great idea for coatings or fabrics that maybe you want to handle as little as possible, with as few seams as possible.   I love it, and I never would have seen myself wearing a cape-style coat. You never know!  Now I'll put it in the back of my closet until December.


  1. That looks awesome! I love the fabric choices and it looks great on you. It makes me want to try a cape.

  2. I love your cape - and I know what you mean by "not thinking you're a cape person"...but I want one too and I have never been a cape person either!


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