Men's Jacket - Kwiksew 3485 Blazer

Tim needed to look equally zazzy at his poster presentation at our geo-nerd conference, so he asked me to make him a blazer (shocking from a man who lives in jeans and tshirts). So I found this pattern and tried my hand at mens' jackets.

I made a size M, and used some gorgeous wool-lycra Marc Jacobs herringbone from Mood (only $14/yard).  I made a muslin, and aside from shortening it about an inch overall and an inch on the sleeve, the fit was perfect. My only issue was that there was a LOT of ease in the sleeve! 
That, sir, is a lady sleeve.

I did some math and found some info on the web and adjusted the sleeve to fit the armhole with only about 1/2" ease, and the new sleeve on the muslin was so much better.   It was time-consuming, but the instructions were excellent, and I had no difficulties. The only thing I would do differently next time is fully line it - for some reason, it only has a half lining. Is this common in menswear?

this is the partial lining. hmm. T-shirt by Dogfish Head!

Personalized pocket lining - Cincinnati Bearcats fabric leftovers!

All in all, it turned out great, and I'm really pleased with the pattern. Another success from KwikSew menswear! I plan to make some more of these, maybe in corduroy, or some other more casual fabric.


  1. I'm having so many issues with the collar/lapel. I have extra fabric on the inside of the collar and a pocket at the top of the lapel. What am I missing?

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