Vintage Faux Shearling Coat

I recently completed my take on Simplicity 8709, a vintage faux-shearling coat from a pattern I found on Etsy. I used a fantastic faux fur from Fabric Outlet in SF.   A note about your fabric - I looked around for a while and ordered swatches before finding this in store. I almost bought some while at Joann's, but it was shedding all over me in the time I walked from the rack to the cutting table! What I bought will shed a bit, when you're sewing and handling it a lot, but it doesn't with just walking around in it. It was pricey ($40 a yard, 2.5 yards, but it was 30% off), but everywhere else its usually at least $20 a yard, and its not as nice. This was also heavier - it would really keep you warm, and a lot of other stuff I looked at was very thin. So shop around, get swatches and hold them, shake 'em and see if they shed.
In progress.

 You have to cut this on a single layer, so they actually give you 2 of everything - a L/R sleeve, front, yoke, etc, so you can lay it all out (which was good because i JUST barely fit it on 2 1/2 yards)  A modern pattern would never be so thoughtful! It actually comes together pretty quickly, because there's pressing or seam finishing (I did press them with a little hammering).T
There are some tricky elements. If you've sewn leather you know to use paper clips or some substitute for pins - for this I used binder clips except most of it is NOT sewn right sides together, its just overlapped and topstitched. So I basically clipped each end and then went slowly and used my fingers to try and keep the seams even, because you can't clip it along the way. There's also no messing up and ripping - I don't think the fabric could take it. So you have to just go for it! Luckily it is a coat without tailoring, so there is some room for small imperfections.
Too warm for CA 'winter'! But looks good. Maybe not with sandals...
(Photos were taken before I added the buttons, but you get the idea).

It's badass.  Can't wait for us to have winter and its cold enough to wear it.  Way cooler than all the North Face puffy coats and vests we see at the train station every morning!


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